Presenting colourful and vibrant 33 beads tasbeeh for Little Ummatis to encourage the remembrance of Allah

Teach children the meaning of words of Dhikr. Ask then to recall all the beautiful sights and creations of Allah in the universe as they say:

SUBHANALLAH – How perfect is Allah

Think about all the blessings they are grateful for as they say:

ALHUMDULLIAH – all thanks and praise is for Allah

Imagine how huge mountains mighty oceans, tall buildings and even the entire world which seems so big to us is in fact a small creation of Allah while He is far greater than anything we can ever imagine as they say:

ALLAHUAKBAR – Allah is greater than everything else

Think of any bad choices they made during the day for which they should say sorry to Allah and promise to try never to do them again as they say:

ASTAGHFIRULLAH – I seek the forgiveness of Allah

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